Polypropylene Filter Unit

               The Polypropylene filter units has been specially developed for the filtration of electroplating solutions and the range of capacities available will meet the majority of automatic and manual plating installation requirements.  Polypropylene filter units are totally enclosed, provide a large filtration area, are easy to clean and maintain, and provide effective retention of activated carbon or filter aids.


Polypropylene filters may be used

on the majority of electroplating

solutions including:

 NICKEL  - bright, semi-bright, dull , Electroless

 ZINC  - cyanide, alkaline, acid, neutral

 TIN  - acid, stannate

 COPPER  - Acid copper, Cyanide Copper

For the following solutions filters fitted with special pumps can be supplied:

- flourborate and fluoride based solutions 

- acid copper 

- acid tin (including bright solution.) 

- solutions containing free hydrochloric acid e.g. nickel chloride strike solutions.

                  Filter units are supplied in three sizes having one, two and three filter containers respectively. The filter contains are made of polypropylene material .  The single and double container units are fitted with castors for ease of movement in a rectangular rust proof frame.

Filter Pack: All filters are supplied with a Plate type pack . Packs can easily be removed from the container for cleaning . We can supply with filters with polypropylene filters cartridges also.

Pump: Magnetically coupled, seals monoblock pumps can also be supplied. The filter units are supplied complete with a suitable motor, mounted on the rectangular rust proof frame.

Pipe work: Filters are provided with inlets and outlets with two 3 meter  lengths of reinforced acid resistant polypropylene hose. All pipe work is made up of polypropylene. Filter units can be used for following purposes.

1.Transfer of solution from plating tank to storage. 2. Solution circulation with filtration. 3. New bath Chemical make-up tanks. 4. Plating solution purification treatments. 4. Effluent solution filtration.

We supply Polypropylene Filter Unit with Magnetic Pump with single chamber and double chamber.

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Order Requirements:

When ordering please give the following information: 1. Type number of filter unit required. 2. Solution to be filtered. Please note that the use of a single filtration unit for different types of solution is not recommended. 3. Solution temperature. 4. Power supply. 5. Details of pipe work requirements and any ancillary equipment existing or required.

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