Our Mission:

            We will continuously improve our processes, our products & our services using skills, knowledge & dedication. We will strive to meet and surpass the requirements of our customers with innovation , inventions & creativity. Customer satisfaction is our foremost goal & expectation.

                    Our product profile is a short details covering the entire range of Electroplating and metal finishing products supplied by us for various applications in the surface finishing industry.  


  Pretreatment Chemicals and Cleaners   Copper Plating Chemicals 
  Nickel Plating Chemicals    Electro less Nickel Chemicals
  Chrome Plating Chemicals    Zinc Plating Chemicals
  Chromate Conversion Coating Chemicals   Cadmium Plating Chemicals
  Brass Plating Chemicals       Tin Plating Chemicals
  Silver Plating Chemicals    Gold Plating Chemicals
  Chemicals for Plating on Plastics       Metal Stripping Chemicals . 
  Organic Protective Coating Chemicals.   Chemicals for Printed Circuit Boards.
  Electroforming Chemicals     Basic Plating Chemicals        
  Lab Chemicals     Anodes
  Electro polishing chemicals   Anodizing and Electrocolouring.
  Bronze Plating solution   Micro Crack Hard Chrome
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            Machineries     and     Equipments

 Filtration Equipments and Accessories

Magnetic seal less Pumps


What is new ?       

High Efficiency  hard chrome plating process

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We supply complete range of chemicals  required for Electroplating , Metal finishing , anodizing, Nickel plating, Zinc plating, Hard chrome plating , Bright chrome plating etc.

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